TC Slade
is an Evidence based
Biofield Energy Healer



Wish for it and the Universe will conspire! This is certainly true. There’s an energy that connects you with yourself and you will be able to perceive it only if you have achieved that higher consciousness in life. Some people are immensely dedicated towards bringing in harmony on the planet by all means. They are powerfully driven by the intelligent life force energy that exists in the Universe which they further harness into themselves and transmit to other forms of life. Epigenetics is a science that approves the authenticity of this phenomenon.

Tom Slade is one of this divine kind who has attained the utmost Universal awakening and consciousness in his life. Tom’s ability to harness the life force energy and transmit it to all kinds of organisms/ lives has been scientifically proven with measurable results.

Tom Slade is a born-natural healer and possessed the universal energy instincts right from a very young age. He had a foremost positive perception about the world and the environment around, which he believed was efficient to bring in a pathbreaking transformation. Tom was gifted with an ability to experience energy flow within his body and has spent fifteen long years on a quest from the world’s religions to open belief systems in order to find a connection with the Divine.

He always struggled to find the purpose of his life and never really found the right understanding that would guide him to further accentuate his heavenly gift.

In March 2010, Tom studied and researched about Guruji Mahendra Trivedi. He found out that Guruji’s scientifically proven abilities to transmit energy to all forms of life anywhere in the world were exceptionally remarkable. Mr. Trivedi’s ability to transmit the intelligent energy from the universe to any subject matter have become beneficial and have been documented in 4000 extensive scientific studies. The areas of studies include – human health, cancer, microbiology, genetics, bio-technology, material science, agriculture and livestock. This scientifically proven phenomenon is now globally known as The Trivedi Effect®.

In June 2010, I received 3 remote Biofield Energy Transmissions from Guruji Mahendra Kumar Trivedi. I felt the connection to the Divine Energy as it entered my Crown Chakra and my brow from the very first transmission and I knew this was where I was supposed to be in life. I had been connected to the “God of my understanding”. I cannot deny or adequately express the sensation I feel when I am connected to the energy. Except for the fact that it can be extremely intense and yet very uplifting to your cognizant and energy levels.

Tom is currently involved in 2 major scientific research studies. In 2016, he remotely transmitted Energy to restructure feed given to mice for greater potency and absorption in a comparison study. Further again in 2017, with research on vitamin D3 and bone health. He entered the Trivedi Master Healer Program in September 2010 because he had experienced the connection with the divine energy post which, there was no turning back. Tom is now a Member of the Trivedi Biofield Energy Healer Community. His research work is scientifically tested, measured, documented and published in international peer-reviewed journals.

Tom is an evidence-based healer and has been guiding people and practicing these energy transmissions to humans and animals since 2013.

Tom does not follow any specific religion as he knows that GOD certainly exists and believes in his own understanding without following any pre-conceived notions in life. He strongly believes the fact that GOD is found in all walks in life but it is then up to each individual to connect to – the GOD of their own understanding – within that walk!