TC Slade
is an Evidence based
Biofield Energy Healer



There exists within the human body a Divine Energy whose presence is perceived as higher states of consciousness are achieved. 

As I became aware of this I was driven to study the world’s religions hoping to find a spiritual thread to enhance what I was learning were my natural gifts.  While this proved to be quite an education, it fell short of giving me the tools necessary to advance the understanding of how to cultivate the use of the energy I felt.  Then the scientifically proven work of Guruji Mahendra Kumar Trivedi* came into my awareness…

There is a powerful intelligent life force energy that exists in the Universe which one may be gifted to transmit to other forms of life.

Epigenetics* is a science that researches the authenticity of this phenomenon.  My ability to harness the Divine life force energy and then transmit it has been scientifically proven with measurable results.


Tom Slade was born with a desire to be a healer and has worked within the Alternative Health Industry for 34 years.  During this time he taught and applied kinesiology techniques to everyone he helped. Tom had the ability to feel the Energy of people and the products. His desire to know and understand this Energy has been a life long quest.  In June of 2010 Tom was gifted by Guruji Mahendra Kumar Trivedi with the ability to connect to the Universal Divine Energy. This connection proved to be the answer he was seeking.

In March 2010 Tom researched the work of Guruji Mahendra Trivedi. He found out that Guruji’s scientifically proven abilities to transmit energy to all forms of life anywhere in the world were exceptionally remarkable. Mr. Trivedi’s ability to transmit Divine energy from the Universe intelligently to any subject matter, and have it become beneficial, is well documented in 4000 extensive scientific studies. The areas of studies include – human health, cancer, microbiology, genetics, bio-technology, material science, agriculture and livestock. This scientifically proven phenomenon is now globally known as The Trivedi Effect®.

In June 2010, I received 3 remote Biofield Energy Transmissions from Guruji Mahendra Kumar Trivedi. I felt the connection to the Divine Energy as it entered my Crown Chakra and my brow from the very first transmission and I knew this was where I was supposed to be in life. I had been connected to the “God of my understanding”. I cannot deny or adequately express the sensation I feel when I experience a connection to the Energy. When I am “connected” it can be extremely intense and yet it is very uplifting to your  energy  and cognizant levels.

Tom entered the Trivedi Master Healer Program in September 2010 because he had experienced the connection with the Divine Energy; post which, there was no turning back. As an evidence-based healer he has been guiding people and practicing these energy transmissions to humans and animals since 2013. In 2016, he remotely transmitted Energy to restructure feed given to mice for greater potency and absorption in a comparison study. In 2017, his research on vitamin D3 and bone health scientifically validated an increase of 260% in bone health.

Tom is now a Member of the Trivedi Biofield Energy Healer Community. His research work is scientifically tested, measured, documented and published in international scientific peer-reviewed journals. He is currently involved in another major scientific research study.

Tom does not follow any doctrine or dogma however he believes that a CREATOR/GOD exists.  He strongly believes the fact that GOD is found within all walks of life but it is then up to each individual to connect to – the GOD of their own understanding – within that walk.