God and You?

God and You?

What is your understanding of GOD the creator?

Is GOD a male or female to you?

Has GOD always been the same understanding to you?

Do you believe GOD to be a collective?

There are many understandings of the Divine Presence in life.

Many believe that the Creator has certain rules and they are written down in religious texts.

If you agree with this then you will be where you need to be in your progression.

GOD exists and performs miracles in all walks within life.

God is not confined in one context of thought rather GOD encompasses all schools of thought.

What do you believe?

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About the Author:

Tom Slade is a born-natural healer and has spent fifteen long years on a quest from the world’s religions to open belief systems in order to find a connection with the Divine. He is gifted with an ability to experience energy flow within his body and harness this life force energy to transmit it to all kinds of organisms/ lives with scientifically proven and measurable results.

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