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I have suffered from sinus infections and acute sinusitis due to damaged sinuses for over thirty years. The infections were almost constant. It was physically debilitating and interfered often with my ability to enjoy life. Tom Slade transmitted Divine Energy to my sinuses making a truly remarkable difference. There is no question in my mind that he caused the damage to be healed. Receiving this healing has been a great blessing in my life and I am very grateful to Tom. It has given me a renewed quality of life.

K. Robinette

I have called on Tom Slade several times when my family has been in crisis in the last 5 years. The transmissions were immediately felt by those who were his subjects. His work has been invaluable to us as I would consider his transmissions to be miraculous.

I am very grateful for the work that he does.

C. Plummer

I first met Tom when he was the owner of a vitamin and supplement store in Durango, Colorado. I have remained a loyal customer and friend for all this time. I knew he was doing remote energy training and work starting in 2010 and he was getting excellent results from its use. December 11, 2018 I had a total hip replacement surgery and asked him to help me through the surgery and recovery with his remote energy work. This I know for certain, something different and unique and quite remarkable happened to me!
The next morning my surgeon came to my room for his post-op visit and hospital discharge. He asked me to walk across a large room. Without hesitation, and without my walker, I walked across the room and back. He was so shocked that he asked me to do it again, but this time he took out his cell phone and videoed it. He said he wanted to show it to his colleagues because they wouldn’t believe it without proof.
I left the hospital that afternoon not using a walker and never required assistance thereafter. My home health nurse, who’s been doing this for 35 years, said my recovery was the most amazing thing she had ever seen.
Without hesitation, I would recommend that anyone confronted with serious medical issues subscribe to use Tom’s remote energy work for assistance. Like me, you’ll be amazed!

G McKean

G. McKean